Follow Twitter into the Halls of Congress

While C-SPAN has brought the work of Congress into any US home with cable, Twitter is bringing Congress to anyone with an internet connection. Between updates from the House and Senate and nonprofits tweeting during hearings and votes, you can follow what's happening on the Hill from anywhere in the world.

Following the Twitter feed of an organization you trust gives you both minute by minute news during a major debate, but also helpful commentary. Nan Aron, the President of the Alliance for Justice, tweeted throughout the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor, giving followers information on who said what, but also analyzing the discussion. It was like having a seat next to Nan Aron and getting the "inside scoop" throughout the hearings.

If your favorite legislation-focused, DC-based nonprofits haven't started covering Congress via Twitter, ask them to. They may not realize how many of their supporters are interested.

The Huffington Post has a page of Twitter lists on healthcare reform, including feeds coming from today's Senate debate. You'll also find lists of Republican and Democrat members of Congress tweeting on this issue. Congress and individual members are increasingly using Twitter. Some feeds to check out:

Senate floor Sample tweet: Vote: Amendment 1 to H.R. 3962: Agreed to 240-194, 1 not voting. 100% of Republicans supporting, 76% of De.. [Cuts off -TM]

House floor These tweets include absolutely everything that happens on the floor, so it's like C-SPAN in truncated text. I only check in when I'm watching a specific vote since I don't care about every procedural vote and every new post office name.
Sample tweet: 9:57 P.M. - On agreeing to the Stupak amendment Roll Call 884 - Yea and Nay vote pending. 9:55 P.M. - POSTPONED PROCEEDINGS

I can only find a few House committees that tweet so far, and none of the Senate committees.
House Committee on Ways and Means @WaysMeansCmte
House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure
House Committee on Science and Technology

I have only found party-specific committee tweets from Republicans:
House Armed Services Committee Republicans @HASCRepublicans
House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform @gopoversight is helpful web portal which shows which Members are tweeting, which topics are most popular, and even who's most conversational. You can see which states are represented via Twitter, as well as which parties. Currently twice as many Republicans are tweeting as Democrats. You can also view a stream of congressional tweets via

The White House is on Twitter. Get updates on the President's schedule and legislative priorities, plus links to videos of speeches and public appearances. Some updates for the recent China trip were posted in Chinese, fitting considering the President's call for China to end internet censorship. Sample tweets:
The President’s Shanghai town hall: watch parties in China
News Flash: Insurance Companies Will Profit If Status Quo Continues

Who are your favorite Twitterers to follow on the Hill?