12 Reasons Why I Care about Marriage Equality & Gay Rights

    A far from complete list, in no particular order:
  1. Rosita and her partner having me witness their wills since they needed some form of legal protection as a couple who can't marry.
  2. Jen avoiding using her fiancee's name while interviewing by phone for a job in another city despite needing to discuss the move for her fiancee's studies.
  3. Shelley carefully disguising written materials she was sending to lesbians in countries hostile to LGBT people to avoid endangering these women.
  4. Steve being afraid to walk home each night for fear of being attacked.
  5. Nancy not being able to be on her girlfriend's health insurance.
  6. Jennifer's family rejecting her.
  7. Larry saying he'd used his military training to protect himself against gay bashing attacks.
  8. Coworkers who've looked anxious when first mentioning to me that they're gay.
  9. Frank enduring years of turmoil, not being able to accept himself as a gay man until his 50's.
  10. Brian telling me about the rose from a romantic high school boyfriend, adding that "of course I gave it back to him before I went into the house."
  11. Seeing how many lesbians at the UN Conference on Women in Beijing were the driving force behind initiatives helping women of all walks of life, yet hearing some women insist "we don't have lesbians in our countries."
  12. Cousin Laura